The Fixer Conceptual Score

The piece was composed as a musical suite to provide you with a range of moods & tones that are characteristic of a crime/action/drama series while being custom crafted to fit my conceptual interpretation of the script and pitch deck.

The suite starts with a sorrowful reminiscence that captures the emotion that Jack Cross is feeling towards his late wife and kidnapped daughter. Then shifts into a pulsating drama mood that can be used in many tension underscore moments. The next section is a lurking in dark theme for the "dead" Mobsters. The Mob theme then evolves into a dark and foreboding build of tension that can represent the dead mob bosses after committing a wicked act. The music then bursts into a high intensity action score for a high stake scenes which is then interrupted by a fierce transitional stinger right into a modern groove based action piece. The ending is then resolved with the beginning theme of Jack Cross's family.

Harvey Davis

I specialize in helping Filmmakers and Developers create the right music for their projects.
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My expertise is in Music Composition and also expands into many closely related fields which are all required in today’s evolving musical landscape in order to create immersive modern scores.

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