​Welcome Player One Trailers!

​Please take a listen to ​the custom music that I composed for your trailer
Stellaris: Console Edition Announcement Trailer

​I'd love to be a part of the Player One Trailers team to help ​you​ bring new levels of storytelling to the world! I enjoy the high quality and versatile​​ output that your team ​produces and I would like to contribute with my expertise in music composition and production.

Harvey Davis

I specialize in helping Filmmakers and Developers create the right music for their projects.
If you are striving to tell your story through music, enhance your creative vision, and to work with someone that can simplify the process, then I can definitely help you.
My expertise is in Music Composition and also expands into many closely related fields which are all required in today’s evolving musical landscape in order to create immersive modern scores.

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