Nicholas Jarecki!

Please take a listen to the custom music that I composed for

The first scene is when Dr. Tyrone is confronting the Dean about the dangers of the drug.
In the context of the story as a whole some scenes are better suited without music, especially for moments with important dialog. Alternatively, the right music can bring an extra depth and/or a different perspective to a scene.This is one alternative option since the scene didn't have music. I used a few non-traditional modal harmonies to portray the complexity of the situation they are facing.

The 2nd scene is when Jake and Mother are about to make the deal. I had to remove the music with some audio production tools, but these tools are not perfect so the quality of the dialog and SFX are degraded - The music is also mixed on the loud side. For the sake of the demo I went a slightly different route than Raphael's score. I tried to hit many of the shifts within the scene to propel the action forward while using a few levels of varying intensity to ebb and flow with the on-screen dynamics.

I hope you enjoy listening and I'd love to be a part of your future team to help you bring new levels of storytelling to the world!

Complimentary Soundtrack Intensive

I would like to offer you a free Soundtrack Intensive for your upcoming film.

This is essentially an in-depth blueprint for what the film needs musically.

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Harvey Davis

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My expertise is in Music Composition and also expands into many closely related fields which are all required in today’s evolving musical landscape in order to create immersive modern scores.

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