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The piece was composed as a musical suite to provide you with a range of moods & tones that are characteristic of horror films while also being custom crafted to what I image from the first 20 pages of the Nefarious script.

The piece begins with an ominous but uncertain musical setting to support the prison and initiation of James and Nefarious' conversation. The music then transitions into a dark sinister build as Nefarious reveals more about who he is and how he manipulates Edward into doing his bidding. The last musical section augments the despair of Edward as he comes to the forefront and speaks timidly about his pain. The violin melody represents Edward but is then warped over time to signify the control Nefarious has over him.

These musical ideas were composed for demonstration purposes and therefore may develop and grow more than is needed for the scene imagined. The reason being to provide you with a wider scope of how my music can work throughout the Nefarious film. When working on the film we will dive much deeper into every scene with my complimentary Soundtrack Intensive.

Complimentary Soundtrack Intensive

I would like to further contribute to the film by offering a free Soundtrack Intensive.

This is essentially an in-depth blueprint for what the film needs musically.

You can learn more about it on this page:

Harvey Davis

I specialize in helping Filmmakers and Developers create the right music for their projects.
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