Light Conceptual Score

The piece was composed as a musical suite to provide you with a few of the potential main "themes" that Light can have based on my conceptual interpretation of the script and pitch deck.

This can be used for the entire Victorum Corp, the Vincere or Persephone.
I aimed to create music that portrays a powerful entity - A ruler over all.
The 2nd half is a more specific Persephone theme which is built out of the first part.
This is to convey her sly-ish nature.

I wanted to convey a sort of mixed emotion here. This is achieved a lot through the harmony which goes in and out of the key with various degrees of tension. This is to convey the
powerful substance that can be used for good and bad. I used a mangled pastoral like choir
to convey it's almost spiritual essence.

I was going for something really hip and modern with lots of driving elements
for the action scenes with the Dwarves. It starts with an characteristic pulse that can be their
"theme" or signature sound. Other elements in the piece can also be used to accomplish this as well.

I wanted to craft something unique to their "species". I went for an icy/cold sound with
lots of high string like and synth elements to portray their environment. While also trying to
give them a somewhat primitative element which supports the fact that they did not go underground like everyone else. Which in a perspective can be thought of as primitive relative to the rest of society. The tribal like drums are used to convey this but they have electronic manipulation on the drums to portray driod like parts of them that did evolve.
There are also a few other elements that I used to convey this - A low throat like singing towards the endand some "war horns" - Both of which are also electronic manipulated.

Given the very expansive nature of Light - I would say we can do many "themes" for many of the characters, groups/mobs, and locations. It does not have to be a melodic theme, but can be anything, from a signature sound or rhythm, etc. This will give everyone/place a signature sound and help to create the world of Light. This will of course be a massive undertaking but an awesome one!

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