Cane Conceptual Score

The piece was composed as a musical suite to capture the essence of the main themes within Cane.

This section aimed to capture the ruthless nature of the storm and the damage that it can cause. I utilized a smaller string section to avoid sounding like a worldwide catastrophe type of film while still using aggressive musical figures. The strings are combined with many other tension elements to create a stormy soundscape.

Storm Aftermath:
This brief, transitional section captures the destruction left behind after the storm has passed.

Family Passing/Grandma Coma:
This section pulls on the heartstrings, helping us sympathize with Cane and her family that passed during her birth, and now Grandma left in a coma.

This theme is for Cane and Justice's growing romance. It captures the essence of a youthful entanglement and builds over the span of time together.

Harvey Davis

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